Monday, October 5, 2020

Dubuque County COVID-19 Cases Oct. 5th, 2020 Cases last 24hrs.From 10 10 a.m.

Dubuque County COVID-19
Cases Oct. 5th, 2020 
Cases last 24hrs.
From 10 10 a.m.

The data is reflected in the time it's obtained from IDPH. Not all news agencies reporting data obtain the data at the same time it's posted, so there may be a slight difference in data and it changes throughout the day.
Tested; To Date
Dates       10-5       10-4          
Tested     31,449 -31,344 
Test last 24hrs. 105

 Positives: To Date.
Dates:   Oct.   10-5   10-4            Positive case  3731 - 3701 
= Positive cases 24hrs  30
Test positive rate  11.86%
Test positive rate last 24hrs 28.56%

Iowa CIVID-19 Tracker data
The rolling positive rate  as of October 4th 26.55%

Iowa's COVID-19 trackers 14 date rate is higher than the state’s reported 14-day positivity rate due to the IDPH not counting recent confirmed cases until all data is received, such as the date of birth of the testes. This practice drives down the positivity rate, even though those cases have been confirmed in a specific county. 

IDPH 14- day Rolling posited rate for schools 14.99%

Negative cases 27,658

Dates:.Oct    10-5    10-4         
                        2223 - 2213    
= Total Recovered: Recovered last 24hrs: 10

People Infected:
Dates. Oct 4th
Total infections 1,464
 The infection rate of 2.00%
This is people presently have it and infection rate.

Dubuque Community Schools  Present Case Count.  

Students 10 Staff 3 as of Oct 2nd
Dubuque Schools now have  cases. 

Holy Family Schools report no cases 

Deaths: 44  
Case fatality rate.1.19%

Hospitalized: 19 as of 10-3 2:30 p.m.

Please wear a mask and follow all CDC Guidelines. Deaths are increasing in our county and so are cases. If everyone pitches in we can bring the numbers down.  

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